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Swimming pool financing

swimming pool financingNow you can finance your swimming pool and back yard project.

If you are in need of home improvement financing or swimming pool financing, we can help. Working with a third party financing company who will provide the financing for your remodeling project, they offer multiple programs that will may match your project and requirements.

Projects must meet the minimum requirements:

  • * Minimum loan $ 5,000 to as high as $100,000 & sometimes more.
  • * Interest rates can be as low as 4.95% (depending on the lender).
  • * Loans can be up from 12 months to 60 or 180 or 240 months (depending on the lender).
  • * Homeowner Credit Scores – Score start at 580 or lower.
  • * Borrower must show proof of income like w2, pay stock etc.

Same as cash financing

They also have same as cash programs with 0% interest with terms up to 18 months. (Doesn’t apply to all improvements, ask for details). With this program, you only pay an equal monthly payment until the balance is paid in full and is subject to credit and lender approval.

Some of the improvement that they will approve are:

  • - Swimming pool installation financing
  • - Swimming pool remodeling financing
  • - Retaining wall financing
  • - Yard improvement financing
  • - Outdoor kitchen financing
  • - Demolition financing
  • - General home improvement financing
  • - In ground spa financing

Call us for your home improvement Financing

If you have an exterior remodeling project but need help with your budget, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Options 1 complete a no-obligation estimate request form

Options 2 call us at (678) 210-7746

Subject to credit approval. No down payment. Fixed APR 4.99%-23.99% for 42, 66, or 90 months. Payment examples assuming full credit limit taken on approval date: for each $10,000 financed: 6 payments $41.58-$199.92 followed by: (a) 42 month loan: 36 amortized payments of $299.66-$392.28; (b) 66 month loan: 60 amortized payments of $188.67-$287.62; or (c) 90 month loan: 84 amortized payments of $141.29-$246.69. Special promotional offer of 0% interest for 18 months when you make a purchase with an in-network pro subject to merchant availability in your area. See loan agreement for details. Avatar Exteriors in not responsible, provide any warranty or representation on behalf of the lender including but not limiting: rates or delivery from the lenders, approval, performance, loan terms; we are only facilitating the process to allow our costumer to access one or more of this financing solutions.




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