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Retaining walls Installation

retaining walls

Retaining Walls Installation: When your home or business needs a retaining wall installation system, you can trust the team at Avatar Exterior to deliver incomparable results. Our high quality retaining wall systems will prevent soil erosion, add stability to sloping landscapes, and create more visually appealing landscapes. Popular retaining wall finishes include timber, railroad, block and concrete options. Since there are so many options to choose from, for the best results, we recommend consulting our professional retaining wall consultant team in metro Atlanta.

Our teams are qualify and equipped to handle your hardscape needs. Avatar Exteriors has completed both residential and commercial exterior construction projects and we’d love to complete yours. We continue to review and implement proven cost saving methods which we gladly pass along to our clients. You can trust Avatar Exteriors for all your construction needs (Retaining Walls Installation).

To determinate the best retaining wall solution for your project we need to evaluate the fallow:

  • * Location, height, length & grading
  • * Existing structures and utilities in the area of the wall
  • * Location and type of loads above the wall
  • * Selection of type of material to be use according to the location of the project and budget
  • * Water in and around area.
  • * Valuate drainage solutions to lead water away from wall


Whether you are ready to build your wall or you are seeking a second opinion on a retaining wall system, we can help. In addition to offering retaining wall installation in metro Atlanta we can also help you with others hardscape projects such as swimming pools, grading, demolition. Avatar Exteriors has been in business since 2004 doing complete renovation project resulting in total transformation of our customers yard; with a solid portfolio and track record in the industry. (Retaining wall installation service).

Financing Available:

If you have a remodeling project but need help with your budget, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just complete a no- request form or contact us by email or call us at (678) 210-7746 obligation estimate.

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Avatar contractor, professional retaining wall installation service near you. Call us today at 678-210-7746 or click here to request a quote Click Here.



Retaining Walls

One of the most popular wall solutions for exterior remodeling projects is Allan Block, with an open variety of building materials and products to make your backyard, courtyard, patio and any other exterior space of your house look like a dream came true. But if it’s right that you can buy a great Allan Block retaining wall kit or any of the other Allan Block products, you’ll probably also need some experts to build it for you. To be precise, you need exterior remodeling contractors that know how to take advantage of each one of the Allan Block products and build a beautiful retaining wall for your exterior space. The best thing is that Avatar Exteriors have a great team of experts totally ready to install your gabion wall, concrete retaining wall, or any other Allan Block product that you want to build in your backyard, courtyard, or patio. All you have to do is call our project coordinator’s team to set an appointment and start working on your exterior renovation right away. You have to know that Allan Block products are inspired by nature, so each one of their materials is totally durable, resistant to environmental conditions and fits great with the green background of flowers, plants, and turf. But if you want them to be functional and perfect for each space, you need to hire an exterior remodeling contractor to make each piece of Allan Block products totally strong, safe, reliable, and beautiful. So we certify and insurance each one of our services so you can be sure that you’ll love the finish and that your safety is going to be guaranteed when you trust us building a retaining wall from Allan Block for you. In this way, the design is up to you, the Allan Block retaining walls are famous by their variety of uses, styles, and safety. In this way, you can look among Allan Block’s products a post & panel concrete block fence, a privacy fencing security made with a concrete retaining wall or any other similar retaining wall block solution to privacy, security and isolation. On the other hand, if you look for something more aesthetical such as patio and courtyard walls, you can find among Allan Block products some two-sided free-standing wall system, seating walls, water features and even features for outside kitchens. No matter which one of the Allan Block retaining wall solutions you choose, our experts can install it and make it look beautiful. Building a retaining wall has never been easier, you just need to choose the one you want for your exterior remodeling and call us to build it for you. And if you know nothing about exterior design, building materials, and retaining wall cost, you can perfectly call to our customer service to get the assessment you need to choose. Avatar Exteriors offers you the most complete exterior renovation service that you can probably need. To build a retaining wall from Allan Block, or any other material, style and brand you can call us whenever you want.
At Avatar Exteriors we know the most resistant and useful solutions to reshape a sloped yard for your garden and exterior areas. To be precise, one of the most popular is to build a timber retaining wall or a reclaimed wood wall, which must be well done if you want it to resist the environmental conditions, weather and the pass through time. The good news is that our workers are experienced, trained, skilled and willing to make the perfect timber retaining wall for your exterior remodeling needs. Avatar Exteriors has the best team ready to help you out to build your reclaimed wood wall, timber retaining wall, or wood slat wall. To make it possible, our experts are totally experienced, skilled, and equipped to give you the best attention, information and advice for you to get the exact retaining wall that you need in your case. Remember that each retaining wall made with timber posts can add style and extra seating to your yard, so it can become an excellent way of making your backyard or exterior grounds more strong and spacious. On the other hand, there are a lot of materials that you can use to make a great timber retaining wall. First, in Avatar Exteriors we make sure that we have great quality timber, so the structure is really strong and safe. After that, we compliment the structure with reclaimed wood, wood slats and stone to make it firmer and more endurable. To obtain the highest quality materials, we only work with the most outstanding providers and manufacturers from Georgia, so we have access to certified and trustworthy materials for you to have the best, safe and durable finish in each one of the retaining wall constructions that we make for you. With all these features, you’ll probably think that our retaining wall cost must be too high. But you don’t have to worry about that since we offer some financing options for you to have the service that you need, and pay it in comfortable installments adapted to your budget. To have access to all of those benefits and more, you just have to become our customer, calling to our project coordinators and setting an appointment to start discussing your new retaining wall project. When it comes to exterior remodeling, renovations and installations, we are the experts, so you’re not going to find best retaining wall installers than Avatar Exteriors. As a group, we have over 14 years of experience working hard to get to our customer’s expectations, learning from our experiences, and always striving for delivering the excellence that each one of them deserves in our exterior renovation projects. Don’t waste your time looking for other exterior remodeling contractors, call us now for information!
One of the easiest and economic ways to build a retaining wall is using railroad crossties. The best thing is when you do so, it allows you to turn a useless slope into a terraced flat area for any landscaping purpose that you have for it. The problem is that building a retaining wall with railroad ties requires certain knowledge about construction and structures. Moreover, if you know nothing about it, the best thing is that you leave it to an expert. In order, you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects about building a retaining wall with railroad ties; Avatar Exteriors has a great team of experts, totally ready and willing to help you out with it. All you have to do is to call us and get in our schedule, and we’ll set an appointment to start planning all the details of the exterior renovation project that you want to start. The process of building a retaining wall with railroad ties is really simple if you count with the knowledge and the necessary equipment to do it perfectly. Luckily, in Avatar Exteriors we don’t only have qualified workmanship, but the most reliable building materials that you can get on the market. This is possible thanks to our alliances with the best providers and manufacturers from Georgia, so we can guarantee that we’ll build a trustworthy, safe, and resistant railroad tie wall with a 1-year warranty certificate. In this way, you can check personally the quality of the products that we use in each building process, so you can be totally sure that they are safe, durable, non-toxic, and suitable for the construction of containment structures as retaining walls. When you call Avatar Exterior, we’ll set an appointment to take a look at the ground where you want us to build a retaining wall block. Then, our experts will advise you about which one is the next step to take, telling you how much will the retaining wall cost, which materials are the most advisable, and how much time will it take the building process. Once we set a deadline, our workers will work hard to meet them, always meeting the quality standards and excellent finishes you deserve. That is why we pride ourselves on our exterior remodeling services since in each one we strive to offer the best finishes, satisfy the needs of each of our consumers, and obtain excellent feedback after completing each project. Avatar Exteriors is one of the best exterior remodeling contractors that you can find; all you need to do is call us to find an expert totally ready to assist you in any exterior renovation project that you have in mind.
Avatar Exteriors has the most experimented with a professional team to make possible any concrete block retaining wall that you need in any exterior ground of your home or commercial building. In this way, we have over 14 years of experience in exterior remodeling projects that includes the structure of concrete retaining walls, the design of an interlocking retaining wall, and any other exterior renovation project related. Therefore, there’s a retaining wall cost, type, structure, and material, and our experts can perfectly identify that need to give you the straight answer and a great solution to your problems. This includes the building of a concrete block retaining wall, fully resistant and perfect to strengthen all kinds of structures. All you need to do to have access to our exterior remodeling services is to call our project coordinators to set an appointment for our experts to take a look to the ground that you’d like us to work with. After that, they’ll advise you about which type of concrete retaining wall you should have and talk to you about the retaining wall cost, so we can get to the best outcome possible. Appreciated for their versatility, strength, cost, and endurance, the concrete retaining walls need to be built by an expert because these techniques depend on the steadiness that they will provide to the structure. In this way, concrete block retaining walls can be textured, colored, accented with embedded objects, and lots of other customization techniques. Avatar Exteriors are experts in building retaining walls and we keep the highest standards of quality in each one of the processes. To make it possible, we only work with the top-rated material providers and manufacturers, so we can guarantee the quality and durability of each one of the exterior renovation projects that we do. When we build a concrete retaining wall, we meet our clients to determine what components and functions they need for the structure. Then we design the wall, based on the shape, size, and exact placement that it will have once it’s done. After that, we’ll proceed to condition the spaces, removing the plants, flowers, and other components that may interrupt the concrete retaining wall building. The next step is to layout and digs the footings, build the forms, and adding some rebar to reinforce the structure that will make it totally steady and resistant. Once the concrete cure itself, we’ll create the contraction joints, and add some waterproofing or drainage system if it is required in your structure. To enjoy all these benefits, all you need to do is to call Avatar Exteriors and become our customer. We’ll provide you the best customer attention service that you need to start, the most professional advisement in each part of the process, and all the information you need to start your exterior renovation project right away.


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