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Swimming Pool Installation Lawrenceville

swimming pool installation lawrencevilleSwimming Pool Installation Lawrenceville: Once you’ve made the decision to install a new swimming pool in Lawrenceville GA for your home or commercial property, you need to consult with a professional company to ensure you get the final results you envision. Avatar Exteriors has years of experienced along with dedicate team members who are qualified to construct the new swimming pool of your dreams. We are custom pool builders and installers in Lawrenceville so whether you are considering a freeform or geometric design, we have you covered. Why not add a slide, beach entry or other functional features you see online. The team at Avatar Exterior will ensure proper construction and engineering so your new swimming pool install in Lawrenceville goes as smoothly as possible.


New Swimming Pool Construction & Installer

Constructing a pool is definitely a great idea to bestow a whole new dimension to your property in Lawrenceville. It not only raises your pride and class, but also the value of the entire property. Whether you are creating a pool in a commercial area or one in your own house, you will have to go through the following stages to build one:

Pools Designing:

pool design lawrencevilleAfter measuring your space, work with our team to design the pool of your dreams selecting the materials and finishes ahead helping you to convert your dream in a drawing and the drawing in a rendering that allow you to see your new pool in a professional design in Lawrenceville.


Permit Acquisition:

pool builders lawrenceville Required before starting instructions, we can work with you to obtain all required swimming pool permits in Lawrenceville GA for your project.



Plumbing and steel:

swimming pool contractors lawrenceville Plumbing includes the breaking of the ground for creating passages for filtration system and lays the base for concrete structuring of the swimming pool in Lawrenceville GA.



Gunite (concrete):

swimming pool concrete lawrenceville The concrete structuring is laid as per the developed mould to bestow the required shape to the pool in Lawrenceville.



Tile and coping:

pool tile lawrenceville This is the coping and tile phase where the selected defining materials such as tiles are installed to bestow a stylish look, we have multiple options for water line tile and coping in Lawrenceville.




Equipment Settings:

pool installation equipment lawrenceville The swimming pool equipments are installed in the areas where the spaces have been left to allow the fitting of pump, salt systems, filtering system, etc.




pool deck lawrenceville You can select the design, shape and appearance of the swimming pool deck in Lawrenceville depending on your choice. You have endless options as regards to the color selection, material and other factors. Some of the most commonly used materials for pool deck in Lawrenceville building are concrete, bricks, spray texture , stone, pavers, travertine etc.



Plaster Application:

pool plaster lawrenceville The final stage, the swimming pool plaster in Lawrenceville treatment depends on appearance you want in your pool and may include installation of materials like regular plaster, pebbles plaster, Quartz etc.



Whether you are ready to build your pool in Lawrenceville or you are seeking a second opinion on a swimming pool installation in Metro Atlanta, we can help. In addition to offering swimming pool installation in Lawrenceville Ga we can also help you with others hardscape projects such as retaining walls, grading, demolition, swimming pool remodeling. Avatar Exteriors has been in business since 2004 doing complete renovation project resulting in total transformation of our customers yard; with a solid portfolio and track record in the industry. (Swimming pool installation Lawrenceville).

Financing Available:

If you have a remodeling project but need help with your budget, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just complete a no-obligation estimate request form or contact us by email or call us at (678) 210-7746.

No project is too big or too small!

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Swimming Pool Installation Lawrenceville

At Avatar Exteriors, we have the best swimming pool builders near you in Lawrenceville. With our services, you can be sure to have the pool form that you want, with the best tiles, coping, and even plastering, all you need to do is start planning your swimming pool installation with our assessment and our workmanship. Let’s start with the pool shape that you want, that must fit with the space that you’ve allocated for construction and your personal desires and taste. In that way, you’d like to know that we have the right equipment to build a kidney-shaped pool in Lawrenceville, or more popular forms such as rectangular, oval, 8-figure, L-shaped, round. On the other hand, if you want a pool form a bit more unique or custom, our experts can do novelty, custom, and freeform pool shapes, so you can have the swimming pool installation of your dreams. Moreover, if you have no idea of what pool shape will fit best with your backyard space, Avatar Exterior’s experts can visit your home and advice you about which one would look perfect, functional and convenient. To be precise, our swimming pool builders near you in Lawrenceville are not just updated with the top trends in pool shapes and constructions, but have studied the best ways to get the most precise pool forms according to the type of ground you have, so you can feel totally satisfied when it’s done. Another thing that you’ll love about our services is that our professionals only work with the best construction material providers, so you can feel totally safe when we build your pool shape, because each one of our finishes will be secure, resistant and durable. Remember that the pool form is the main base of all the swimming pool installation in Lawrenceville and it must be done by qualified experts to guarantee that it will be safe, durable and it will not need a pool remodeling in a long time. When it comes to a swimming pool installation in Lawrenceville, renovation, and remodeling, we are the experts. In Avatar Exteriors you’ll find all the assistance that you need not only to choose a pool form but to build the whole pool. Furthermore, we have the the perfect answer to your search for the “best-swimming pool builders near me”, since all our team members and workers are fully qualified, trained, equipped and willing to provide you the excellent, certified and insurance service of exterior renovation that you need. That’s why our customers love our services, and we pride ourselves of the trust they give to us, not only for swimming pool building, but any exterior renovation projects that they have. Avatar Exteriors is an outstanding exterior remodeling contractor from Lawrenceville that work as a family to make sure of delivering the excellence that each one of our customers deserve.
Having a pool spa doesn’t have to be a distant dream that you’ll never come true. With the best swimming pool builders near you in Lawrenceville, you can install the swim spa with the characteristics that you’re dreaming of for an affordable price, and in line with the features that you want to have in it. The best thing is that the most capable, equipped, and skilled swimming pool installation team is ready to help you out to make your dreams come true. We are Avatar Exteriors and our project coordinators are waiting for your call to start any exterior renovation project in Lawrenceville, whether it is a swimming pool renovation, a pool spa installation, or any other service-related, not only to pools but to the exterior of your residential or commercial building. The avant-garde pool and spas from Lawrenceville have optimized energy efficiency, so our experts and designers use only updated techniques to make sure that the spa has optimal heat retention and intelligent thermal tuning to avoid unnecessary expenses in temperature drops. Equally, we work hard to make a perfect finished in each part of the pool spa, so you to receive the hydrotherapy with the best conditions. In this way, in Avatar Exteriors we are committed with using only durable and quality materials from the best providers and manufacturers from Lawrenceville. In order for you to know exactly which types of materials and finishes to choose for your spa pool, our experts will inform you about the quality and uses of each one. For example, having stainless steel finishes are great if you’re looking for something low maintenance, but Duraflex flexible PVC plumbing is more resistant, so it diminishes pressure and reduces all types of risks. Just as that advice, they can give you the assessment you need, but adapted to your budget, needs, and the conditions of the ground where you want us to do your pool spa installation in Lawrenceville. Furthermore, in Avatar Exteriors we have plenty of experience designing spa pools and we have the right techniques to take your ideas to a whole other level. In this way, we can add a pergola, waterfalls, a deck, and a lot of other new features, just to make it more comfortable, relaxing and resistant for you to use have a relaxing and therapeutically time in the swim spa from your backyard. All you need to do is to contact our customer attention service to get in our schedule and start working with us anytime. We’ll be happy to serve you in all of your requirements and to accomplish our mission as exterior remodeling contractor from Lawrenceville, delivering the excellence that you deserve in each one of your exterior renovation projects that might include a pool spa installation, making a pool shape, installing outdoor kitchen, decks, pergolas or any other service related.
To make your exterior pool look like a summer paradise, one of the most popular trends is to build a poolside pergola. This would give you a perfect spot to have a great quality time. Moreover, the swimming pool pergola designs are very diverse, you can find some pergola over the pool, and a pool house pergola and even a pergola by pool, so you just need to choose the one that you like the best for some exterior renovation contractor from Lawrenceville to build it for you. You’ll set the ideas, and in Avatar Exteriors we’ll provide the perfect workmanship to make your swimming pool dreams come true. To make it possible, we have a great team of experts totally ready to serve you and assist you in all the process. That means that they are fully equipped, skilled, trained, and experienced to give you the top trends in swimming pool pergola designs, advise you about which one will look best in your pool renovation project, and build it for you once you have decided. This means that we offer you a full exterior remodeling service in Lawrenceville, designed to satisfy all your needs and give you the excellence that you deserve in each one of our projects. To be able to perform the best services, you’ll be glad to know that in Avatar Exteriors we only work with outstanding material providers from Georgia. They give us high elite of selected materials to build the best poolside pergola that you can imagine. Among the most popular materials in swimming pool pergola designs in Lawrenceville, we can offer you wood, solid wood, vinyl, PVC, pressure-treated wood. They are all available in different colors to make sure that you can choose the one that fits the style and design of your swimming pool. So whether you want to have a nice white, grey, or brown pergola over the pool or perhaps something different as dark red, blue or black, we can surely make it possible for you. The important thing about this is that you’re totally comfortable with the swimming pool pergola design that we do for you. Although we will help you to know which are the most suitable materials, shapes, designs, and styles for you, all the important choices are yours, and that’s why our team is fully trained to give you all the information needed during the process, so you get exact and perfect finishes that you deserve. At Avatar Exteriors, we pride ourselves of caring the most for our customer’s desires and expectations in each swimming pool installation, remodeling or maintenance project that they trust us. We are an experienced exterior remodeling contractor from Lawrenceville, with willing, ready and equipped professionals that will work on any exterior renovation project that you have in mind, giving you the most perfect results possible.
Avatar Exterior is the best exterior remodeling contractor from Lawrenceville, for you to have access to the most beautiful, useful, and perfect outdoor kitchen designs with a pool that you can possibly imagine. From outdoor bbq kitchen to any other outdoor kitchen and pool ideas, our experts are experienced and skilled to give you the most accurate advice, totally adapted to your style, needs, and budgets. All you need to do is call us to have the great assessment, information, and attention that you need for your exterior renovation projects. An outdoor kitchen in Lawrenceville has to be resistant, and really strong to withstand the harsh environment and weather. That’s why we always use only first-class materials from the best providers and manufacturers and we give you a 1-year warranty in each one of our works, so you can be sure that we’ll take care of everything you need until you have perfect and durable finishes. In this way, while you get the best outdoor kitchen designs from Lawrenceville, you have to take a lot of decisions about the materials you’re going to use. For example, for the grills and appliances, we have stainless steel, laminated and vinyl available, which is more resistant to humidity and weather. On the other hand, you’ll also have to think about the materials for the cabinets of your outdoor bbq kitchen, in which case you can decide among stainless steel, marine gradepolymer, teak, solid wood, pressure-treated wood and stone. Finally, you’ll also have to decide about the best material for your outdoor kitchen countertops, although you can use the same that you choose for the cabinets, we can also offer you granite, stone, concrete, tile, marble, quartz, and exotic quartz. In each case, we recommend you ask our experts about the treatment and caring that you may have to consider when you decide on one material to another, since some of them, can be affected when they are exposed to UV, so you may prefer to put a roof over it, or to use some other type or color of material. The good thing is that Avatar Exterior’s experts will always give you all the information you need about the outdoor kitchen and pool ideas in Lawrenceville, so we can get to the best outcome possible among your dreams and our possibilities. When it comes to the swimming pool installation, renovation, maintenance, and remodeling, we are the experts. You can call on Avatar Exteriors knowing that you’re going to find a straight answer to your exterior renovation needs with a great customer attention and the best results that you can possibly imagine. You can now stop googling for “pool remodeling near me in Lawrenceville”, call us now to get in our schedule and start planning the backyard the kitchen of your dreams.
Have you ever thought about adding a waterfall to your pool? Now is not just possible, but really easy. You just need to call Avatar Exteriors, and you’ll be on your way to having your dream pool waterfall feature in Lawrenceville, that will make the exterior of your house looks totally beautiful. You don’t have to look for “pool renovations near me in Lawrenceville”, or to find an exterior remodeling contractor to install the pool fountains and waterfall features for you. All you need to do is to call our experts and get in our schedule right away. Together we’ll arrange an appointment to check on your actual pool, or the ground where you want to build your swimming pool and waterfalls. Then we’ll update you with all the trends and pool waterfall ideas that we have, so you can choose the one that fits perfectly with your style, tastes, and budget. When it’s all decided, we’ll set a deadline and start working to accomplish it with the highest quality standards for each one of the swimming pool and waterfall installation that we start. Finally, we’ll deliver the excellent result that you deserve, and we’ll give you 1 year of warranty that certifies our job as trustworthy and durable. As you see, Avatar Exteriors offers you the most complete exterior renovation service from Lawrenceville, to build your new swimming pool waterfalls. To make it possible, we are updated with the top trend ideas and the most beautiful designs, so you can choose the one that fits the best with your backyard style. This means that we work only with the best material providers of the zone, so we can give you the pool waterfall features with the perfect finish that you deserve. Among the most popular building materials, you’ll find different types of stones, tile, stainless steel, concrete and ceramic. Each one of them is available in different colors, styles, and patterns for you to find the perfect one for your actual swimming pool. And if you don’t have a swimming pool yet, but you want to have one with fountains and waterfalls, we can also build it for you. We love to perform all types of swimming pool installation, renovation, maintenance and remodeling projects, so you can count on us to start your exterior remodeling in Lawrenceville, with the highest standards of excellence. You don’t have to waste your time googling for “pool remodeling near me in Lawrenceville”, in Avatar Exteriors we are totally ready to assume any exterior remodeling challenge that you have for us. All you need to do is to call us right away, and we’ll start all the process for you to have the exterior renovation of your dreams come true. We are waiting for your call!
Building a deck around the pool doesn’t have to be that hard, problematic and stressful. The only thing you need is to find the best swimming pool builders near you in Lawrenceville, to design a great pool deck coating, with resistant materials and the most useful features to have a great exterior place in your house that you can use to hang out when you want to relax and chill around your swimming pool. If you have the ideas to make it possible to build a pool deck in your backyard, we have the best workmanship that you may need. We are Avatar Exteriors and our customers know us for delivering excellence in each swimming pool installation, renovation, and remodeling that we made for them. To make it possible, we have a great team of professionals very well-equipped, trained, and experienced that is totally willing to help you out in any exterior renovation project in Lawrenceville. There are a lot of ideas and materials that you can use to build a pool deck, and we pride ourselves of having strategic alliances with the best suppliers of swimming pool construction materials. Whether you want to have a stamped concrete around the pool, or prefer something more elegant and classy, we can adapt our techniques to provide you the style you want to reach when we build your pool deck in Lawrenceville. Having stamped concrete around the pool is one of the most recommended types of material since is more resistant to the water exposition that it will suffer having the pool so close. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate the concrete to make it beautiful, safe, and perfect for your swimming pool in Lawrenceville. To do so, we have in stock a high elite range of materials with different colors and styles that you’ll absolutely love. Among the most popular ones you’ll find flagstone or brick, which goes perfectly with the stamped concrete around the pool; also we have available colored, stenciled, rock-salt finished, and exposed aggregated concrete. Equally, we have other types of decorative finish materials such as brushed or broom, concrete pavers, and even wood to make build a traditional exterior or backyard deck. To resume, Avatar Exteriors has all the tools, techniques, skills, and professionals to build the deck of your dreams. All you need to do is to call us, and our customer service team will attend you with the promptness, kindness and professionalism that you deserve. Planning the exterior renovation project in Lawrenceville won’t be hard either, you just have to set an appointment with our swimming pool installation experts and discuss with us all the terms of your exterior renovation project. Then they’ll advise you about which materials, designs, features and styles fit best with your style and budget, so you get the pool deck of your dreams. Don’t waste your time searching for “pool remodeling near me in Lawrenceville”, call Avatar Exteriors and receive the best exterior renovation service that you can get for an affordable price.


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